Soin Wei Dong


Hi! I am a Secondary 4 student passionate about technology experienced in Lego Robotics, Python and video editing.
In my free time, I like to go on cycling trips to explore new sites and also learn more about technology. My ultimate goal is to continuously grow and become the best version of myself in all areas of life.
I'm always glad to know new people, you can contact me by clicking any of the icons below!

My Skills


As a Computing student at SST, I have acquired a strong foundation in Python and its practical applications. In fact, I utilized my knowledge to develop an Amazon price web scraper for my Secondary 4 (2023) group project.
To enhance my skills, I have actively taken on additional programming challenges, which have taught me the significance of optimizing code. Moreover, I have expanded my knowledge by taking an online course in competitive programming, focusing on the fundamentals of C++. Additionally, I have learned through various online materials and tutorial videos.

Video Editing

As an experienced video editor with over 4 years of experience, I have created over 30 engaging and polished videos for school projects and my personal YouTube channel. With my experience in Davinci Resolve, I am able to create both short and long-form content that effectively communicates my message to viewers.


Since Primary School, I have been in the Robotics Club and have went for various competitions which has developed me in areas such as creativity, teamwork and perseverance. I have also dabbled in Arduino and Vex Robotics and I have built basic systems with those. My proudest achievement is my 2nd Runner Up Prize for the First Lego League (FLL) Champions' Award in 2019 and 2021.


Amazon web scraper

For my Computing Coursework in Sec 4 (2023), I was the lead coder for my group. We created a program to scrape to find the cheapest deals for users and output relevant information to them.
Through this experience, I was able to learn a lot about web structures and libraries such as bs4 and requests.

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Portfolio website

I have coded this website using basic HTML, CSS and basic Javascript. Through online tutorials and articles, I learnt the basics of the languages.
In the future, I plan to revamp this site, include a blog and better showcase my work.


Cisco Cyberspark

In this 3 month course, I learnt more about cybersecurity and had practices in various exercises such as securing networks with the Cisco Packet Tracer App.
Through this course, I gained a deeper understanding of cyberthreats and how to better protect ourselves online.

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AI Singapore

In 2022, I went for the Literacy in AI course where I was able to build up on the foundation from Computing+ lessons and learnt about machine learning and ethics of AI.

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2021/2022 C++ Course

I registered for the NUS December 2021 Elementry course and BuildingBloCS Deecmber 2022 course. With these courses, I was able to learn the basics of C++ and competitive programming. With the skills taught, I was able to solve problems on online judges such as CodeBreaker and also used code to solve mathematical problems in Project Euler.

My Journey



St. Anthony Primary School (SAPS)


- Class Chairperson (2017)
- Robotics Club


School of Science and Technology (SST)


- SST INC Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 2021-2022
- Computing+ Applied Subject
- Robitics @ APEX member




Sphere is an online platform designed to revolutionize online communication with a more immersive experience for its users.
As its Chief Admin Officer (CAO), I am in charge of organising its resources, making sure members are on task and involved in brainstorming.

2022/2023 June

Hack-n-Flag 2022

In this 3 day workshop, I was able to learn more about the basics of cybersecurity such as ciphers and some Linux skills. I was also able to try out some CTF challenges such as Web, OSINT and many more, which spurred my interest and pushed me to learn more. In fact, I liked this program so much that I went for it again in 2023.
2022: 3rd Place
2023: 2nd Place

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